School Council & EPIC Society

We are lucky to have an active School Council group at Whitecourt Central along with a parent fundraising group called EPIC Society (Eagle Parents Including Community).

Next Meeting Date: April 14, 2020 at 6:00 pm

Future meeting dates will be decided at the next meeting. They are usually set for the second Tuesday of every month 

School Council and EPIC Society Executive

The School Council Executive & Board for the 2017/2018 school year is:

Chair: Tammy Petrinchuk

Vice Chair: Cassie Horan

Treasurer: Rachelle Switzer

Secretary: Shereen Trenchard

Check out the School Council and EPIC Society Facebook page

Agendas and Minutes

September 24 Agenda

September 24 Minutes

October 15 Agenda

October 15 Minutes

November 19 Agenda

November 19 Minutes

January 14 Agenda - cancelled due to weather

February 11 Agenda

February 11 Minutes

March 10 Agenda

March 10 Minutes

April 14 Agenda

Why should you participate on School Council?

1. Be informed about important issues affecting your child's education.

2. Your commitment to the school teaches your child that education is important! Education research has found that school performance is enhanced by parental involvement.

3. Volunteers contribute to the high quality education our children receive at Whitecourt Central.

4. Meet new people.

5. Learn new skills.

6. Your voice is important!



EPIC Society (passed May 15, 2015)