About Us

School Vision and Philosophy

Whitecourt Central School

Motto: “Moving Forward, Reaching Upward – Students are Central”

Vision: “High level of learning for every child”
Mission: Whitecourt Central School is driven by a strong belief in each and every student. The school has an academic focus, promotes physical activities and creativity, and is sensitive to the social and emotional well being of students.

Statement of Philosophy:
Central School will play an integral role in the development of the educated child. The education of a child is a partnership between the school, parents and staff team with each partner assuming a greater responsibility in some areas of the child's development while mutually sharing responsibility in other areas.
The prime objectives of Central School are to develop the ability of students to analyze critically, reason and think independently, acquire basic learning skills, develop a lifelong appreciation of learning, develop a curiosity about the world around them, and, develop a capacity for creative thought, expression and appreciation, as well as social and emotional well being.

Central School recognizes that it has a public purpose and that the needs of our society are responded to through the development of well-educated individuals working and competing in highly technological environments.

Belief statements:
• Every child can learn
• Every child is a unique individual
• Children learn at different rates and in different ways
• Learning and development is a continuous process
• Learning is an active process
• Learning is an individual process
• Students should be given the opportunity to experience challenge and success
• Students learn best in a learning environment with their peers

Parents: Parents are the primary educators of their children, and as such are key partners with the school. Two-way communication between teachers and parents is essential for student success.

Shared Responsibilities:
• Students will be responsible and accountable for their own behavior and achievement.
• Parents will work with the school community in partnership in the education of their children.
• Educators will provide a safe learning environment that is conducive to meeting the individual needs of children.