Getting to Know Central - FAQ

Getting to Know Central School

At the beginning of the year, teachers sent home a Getting to Know Your Child and Parent form.  We asked parents to write down any questions that they had about Central. When we get these questions, we will answer them a couple at a time at our School Council meetings but we will also place them on our website for parents who may not be able to attend the meetings.


September Questions

  • Why are the hallway doors locked?
  • Why I am not allowed to talk to my child's teacher when I want?


October Questions

  • Can we have some information on sports teams at WCS?
  • Information on Bullying!
  • What are the school's thoughts on social media?

November Questions

  • What is think tank?
  • How do students get assigned think tank?
  • Why as we, as parents, asked to ensure that plans are communicated before our children go to school?

January Questions

  • Why are the students leaving the school not dressed appropriately in cold weather?
  • I keep reading about the attendance board. What is it and why do parents get reported to them for students missing school?
  • I would like to volunteer both in the classroom and for School Council. How do I go about doing this?

March Questions

  • Why do staff park along the street instead of in the parking lot?