Central Assemblies

Every month, we host an assembly to recognize Eagles of the Month and show off our school spirit.

Our assembly schedule for 2017 - 2018 is:

September 29 9:30 am Wear your EAGLE Shirt
October 31 1:00 pm Halloween
November 7 9:30 am Remembrance Day
November 24 9:30 am PJ Day
December 6 9:30 am Term 1 Awards
December 22 9:30 am Red/Green Day
January 26 9:30 am Favourite Food Dress Up Day
February 23 9:30 am Superhero Day
February 28 9:30 am Pink Shirt Day
March 20 9:30 am Term 2 Awards
March 29 9:30 am Backwards Day
April 27 9:30 am Occupation Day
May 25 9:30 am Salad Dressing Day
June 26 9:30 am Grade 3 Year End Awards
June 26 1:00 pm Grade 4 Year End Awards
June 27 9:30 am Grade 5 Year End Awards
June 28 9:30 am Beach Day

 Our Great Assemblies - By Lain Gr 4

At Whitecourt Central School, we have the most fantastic, amazing, and musical assemblies. As soon as you walk into our gym, there is music and a high-5 tunnel. We find our spots and then the emcees call up Mrs. Saulit (our music teacher) to play the piano while we sing O Canada.

Every assembly we have a different theme. One time, Mr. Landry (a grade 5 teacher) dressed up as Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

We have an Eagle of the Month Award. When you get your award, you stand in front of "Ace" (our mascot). When all the Eagles of the Month are called, the parents can take pictures. Mr. Bowman also takes pictures of them. After the pictures are taken, we have recognition awards for grades 3, 4, and 5. In between each grade's recognition awards, we dance to an awesome "celebration" song.

After all the awards are given, we have the grade 5's or 4's perform in Glee. Sometimes our music teacher has choir and they sing an awesome, cool, and amazing song.

Every month there is a different challenge that the grade 3, 4, or 5's have to do called "Minute to Win It". You have one minute to do the challenge. The winner gets more than 1 prize.

Every 3 months we have a contest by parent council and the winner gets a pack of Smarties.

My favourite part of the assembly is the monthly video. Mr. Bowman takes pictures during the month and picks out the best ones to put in the video. After the assembly is done we listen to music as we leave the gym.

I think our school has the best teachers and assemblies in all of Whitecourt! 

We put a lot of effort into our assemblies to ensure they are purposeful and high energy! Take a look:

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